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Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency 


Notification (complaint) Form NOTF-00


 Please complete this form to make a notification about a health practitioner or student: chiropractor, dental hygienist, dental prosthetist, dental therapist, dentist, doctor, nurse or midwife, optometrist, osteopath, pharmacist, physiotherapist, podiatrist or psychologist. This form may be used by any person making a notification including those required to be reported under the National Law.

If you need assistance to complete this form, please telephone the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) on:


 Notification Process


AHPRA will assess all notifications to determine whether a Board must consider taking immediate action to protect public health or safety.

This may result in suspending or imposing conditions on the registration status of a student or practitioner.

If immediate action is not required, AHPRA will assess the notification thoroughly to enable the relevant Board to make an informed decision about it. Each investigation is tailored to the notification received, and complex matters take more time. AHPRA aims to complete most investigations within six months.


Protection of the Public when Investigations are placed On Hold

At the beginning of, or during, the investigation of a notification, AHPRA may make a decision to place the investigation on hold. This can happen if the conduct of the student or practitioner is subject to a:

  • coronial investigation
  • coronial inquest
  • police investigation
  • court proceeding
  • criminal prosecution

Whilst the health practitioner is subject to one of these actions the relevant Board may form the belief that the practitioner poses a serious risk and there is a need to protect the public by taking immediate action as outlined above.


Stages of the Notification/Complaint Process

All notifications/complaints pass through stages 1-2, and depending on the outcome of the preliminary assessment may pass through any of the following stages, 3-5.

Stage 1: Receipt of Notification/Complaint

AHPRA receives notification/complaint either by online form,


Click to Download and Print Complaint Form hardcopy form (295 KB,PDF),


Letter addresses or telephone numbers. See contact details on Form.