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Dr David Healy - Psychiatrist





The Future of Medical Care



David Healy, psychiatrist and Cardiff University. Professor addresses the question: Can Industrialized and Marketized Healthcare be Made Universally Available?

(Mar 25, 2009 at Cornell University)

David Healy has long been an outspoken critic of the pharmaceutical industry's influence on the practice of medicine, arguing that Prozac and SSRIs (selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors) can lead to suicide, and calling attention to the amount of ghost writing in current scientific literature. During his Mar. 25, 2009 visit to Cornell, Healy discussed the role of the pharmaceutical industry in modern medicine and the inherent conflict between its support of evidence-based medicine and the evidence that few modern best-selling drugs actually deliver medical benefits superior to older, cheaper alternatives.






Stress - Anxiety - Depression - Grief

It is recommend to use only qualified skilled and experienced Counsellors who Specialise in Stress, Anxiety,  Depression, Grief or other traumas you may be experiencing, before taking any form of Psychotropic Medications.

There are often logical reasons for your suffering and logical solutions to remedy them.

The side effect of Psychotropic Medications may cause  Brain Damage or Life Altering changes including sterilisation or remove your ability to comprehend and achieve or experience aspects of life such as empathy, love, tolerance or compassion.

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Stephen Trent

14 Years of Life Stolen

Forensic Scientific Report Proves Misdiagnosis yet Stephen is still Held & Drugged 

Released in May 2012 on Involuntary Treatment Order to be forcefully injected with Invega then Flupentixol each month. Invega & Flupentixol effects include Suicide and Homicide tendencies.

In 2015 Stephen Trent a Christian is still locked away in,

Gold Coast Psychiatric Unit

Stephen needs your help!

Write and call Members of Parliament

Click here to read about Stephen Trent 

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Mental Health Australia


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